Become an Affiliate

Start earning now by promoting Starplan products!

The Affiliate is responsible for promoting Starplan’s digital services and products and helping users make the most of those products.

What is the activity of the Affiliate?

Talk about Starplan products

Contact your network to propose the use of Starplan products. For example: The Affiliate invites their network to open their Digital Curriculum Vitae by sending them a discount Coupon (reserved for Affiliates). The Affiliate receives a reward for each coupon used equal to 20% of the value

Offer your services

Offer your services to the Starplan network. The Promoter has the opportunity to get in touch and therefore offer their skills to all professional users of the Starplan platforms, starting with companies: no royalties will be due to Starplan for freelance activities

Rewards for Affiliates

Coupon for you

Become an Affiliate and you will receive a Coupon to create your Premium Electron Curriculum Vitae at 10€ (instead of 49€)

Pay per sale

Pay per sale affiliate program: promotion of STARPLAN products / services ( which pays you a commission for each sale made through your report registered by the platform by clicking on your referral.

Earn 20% on coupons

Pay per referral

Target Bonus Points Awards: promotion of the opening of new e-CV / eCP accounts (also with “Free” Promo Coupon: receive Rewards upon reaching the Target Bonus Points that you have set yourself (Bonus Points Table). You earn 12 Bonus Point for each subscription

Earn rewards for referrals